Introducing our new embellishments collection.
Quality wooden embellishments to up-cycle your shabby chic creation.

How do you use them? …

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Each kit comes in 2 parts. The wooden parts themselves are mounted on card and easily removed. The second part is the stencil.

Fix the stencil in place with some tape where you want your embellishment to be.

Remove each piece from the sticky card and smear wood glue on the rear of the piece.

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embellishments 5 20180608 132022 e1528469242704
embellishments 6 20180608 132039 e1528469330453

Continue to glue the pieces into place and when the glue is either semi-dry or dry remove the template, you could use a paint brush to remove any excess glue.

Above is a completed example, we’ve used a small sponge paint roller to give it some colour.

A few more completed examples. Have a look in our store for your inspiration.

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